Make Money from Price Movements, through Pegging!

No Buying, No Selling, No Losses

1. How Much Do You Want to Peg?

Fund your wallet and enter the amount of money you want to peg, this is called your Pegged Money

2. Choose Your Assets

Choose the stocks or cryptocurrencies you want to peg your money to. [See Guide in your dashboard on how to select pofitable assets]

3. Watch It Grow

Now, watch your pegged money increase every time the price of your chosen assets go up in real-time. If the price goes down, your pegged money will not go down with it

4. Take Your Profit

At the end of either 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours,depending on your type of wallet, just withdraw your pegged money with the profit, no delays

About NairaPeg

Millions of people bet on the financial markets everyday, with the hope of making profits in the short or long-term.

They invest in these markets by buying and holding assets long enough to make profit.

Unfortunately, most people lose their money due to the volatility and unpredictability of price movements. These losses are often compounded by the bureaucracy of buying and selling these assets.

What if you never have to buy these assets before you can make money from their price movements?

What if your money is never affected by the negative price movements of the assets, regardless of the volatility and its unpredictability?

Pegging is the process of holding stocks and cryptocurrencies for a short time, at a particular price, without actually buying the assets and without losing your pegged (trading) money.

NairaPeg is a Financial Asset Exchange Platform (F.A.E.P) that gives you access to financial assets API for pegging.

This is not investing, it is not betting, it is not binary option, it is trade by pegging.

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Benefits of Pegging

This is nothing like you've ever tried before. Here are some of the unique and amazing benefits of pegging;

No Buying or Selling

You don't need to go through the bureaucracy of buying or selling of actual stocks or cryptocurrencies, Just peg your money to the price of any asset for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours and watch it grow.

It's a Win-Win

You will always gain either the market rises or falls. You gain profit when the price rises and you gain points to boost your next profit if the price falls

No Losses

Unlike traditional trading, investing and betting, you will never lose your pegged money, even if the price of the asset should crash

No Time Wasting

With pegging, you are not tying your money down for a long time. You can make huge profit in a very short time and withdraw your money instantly

No Knowledge Required

You don't need special skills to peg. Anybody can start pegging, even if you don't know much about stocks and cryptocurrencies

No Multiple Commisions

Unlike traditional trading or investing, there are no multiple commissions or fees. You only pay a flat nominal fee for using the NairaPeg API

Start Something New!

For the first time ever, you can now confidently make money from the financial market everyday, without ever worrying about losing your money.

You have probably tried investing in the market, you have tried betting on the market, perhaps, all you do is just save your money and let the banks use it for you. It's time to try something new, without a single risk. It's time to start Pegging on the market.

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There are 4 types of wallets you can use for pegging on NairaPeg. Each wallet depends on your level of epertise in pegging, from absolute beginner to a pro.

Subscription Wallet

N1000 / 3 Days

  • For Beginner
  • You Get N10,000 to Peg for 3 Days
  • Your Peg Closes After 4 Hours
  • Maximum of 2 Pegs Per Day
  • You Take Profit Instantly

Unlimited Wallet

N2000 / 3 Days

  • For Pros
  • You Get N100,000 to Peg for 3 Days
  • Your Peg Closes After 2 Hours
  • Maximum of 2 Pegs Per Day
  • You Take Profit After 3 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need to Learn Cryptocurrency or Other Trading Skills?

    You don't need to learn any trading skill to start pegging. You just need to know how to watch basic price movements of the assets you will like to peg.

    Click on any of our watch lists below to monitor the stocks and the crypto market. Also read the comprehensive Guide on your dashboard

  • How much you make in a day is strictly dependent on how much you peg, the change in the price of your chosen assets and your Boost Points.

    In as much as we cannot predict how much you could make per day by pegging, we can guarantee that, unlike any other thing you've ever done before, you will never lose your pegged money.

  • You earn Boost Points every time you don't make profit from a peg, even though your money is never lost.

    Add some Boost Points to your next peg to multiply the profit. The more points you add, the more your profit is multiplied at the end of the day.

    Example: If you pegged N5,000 and added 100 Boost Points and your peg ended up with +10%, then you will earn a profit of N500, which will be multiplied by 100 to N50,000. This means you will get a total of N55,000 at then of the day.

  • It all depends on the type of Wallet you are using. You can create as many pegs, for as many assets you want.

  • Yes, it is a guaranteed that you will never lose a penny from you pegged money.

    Even though your pegged money is never lost in assets that end in negative, you will earn Boost Points to multiply your profits from your next peg.

  • If you will like to learn more about pegging, how to choose assets, how to watch the market, etc, you can join our Pegging Community to start learning.